March 1, 2024

Mobble News - dairy farming case study and a shiny new web-app!

We’re heading into Autumn here in Australia, the days are getting shorter which means things are getting busier on the farm! We’re excited to announce a range of improvements for Mobble that will make it even easier and more intuitive for you to use, wherever you are.

Mobble’s web app gets a new look with improved functionality 🖥️

Super exciting news! We’ve rebuilt Mobble's web-app for the computer, bringing it in line with the features and functionality that Mobblers love from our mobile app. The top 3 things we’re excited to share are:

  • 🐑 Drag and drop mob moves on web
  • 🚧 Map all infrastructure and hazards on your farm to get a full overview
  • 🌧️ Multi-year rain gauge comparison 
  • + much more

We’re also excited about useful data insights, the simplification of bulk operations, and usability improvements across the board. To explore the updates in full, read our blog post here on the changes, or jump straight into the web-app by logging in now at 🖥️ 

We’d love to hear what you think and hope you love it - drop us a line at if you have any feedback.

Dairy farmer Billy Buckingham -  excited by the future of tech in farming 🐮

Billy Buckingham has been using Mobble since 2022, and is embracing technology across his 415 head dairy farm in southwest Victoria. He’s also using Mobble Connect, and given access to his animal nutritionist so she’s armed with the latest information to provide him with the best advice for his stock. Read our interview with Billy in full here

Mobble takes to the sky. See you soon New Zealand ✈️

Mobblers Aime and Sarah are heading to Manfield, Fielding for the Central Districts Field Day on 14-16 March. We’ll be at site AG39, drop us a line to tell us your coming, or simply visit us and say g’day. For more info and to purchase your tickets click here.

Mobble welcomes Lochlan McBride to the team 🧑💻

We’re thrilled to be working with Lochlan who joins the team from the spectacular Barrington Coast, 4 hours north of Sydney. 

Hi Lochlan, what’s your role at Mobble? I am a Frontend Engineer at Mobble. That means I help build and maintain all the user-facing parts of web and mobile applications.

What are you most excited about having an impact on? I'm looking forward to improving our current application's interface, user experience and shipping out new features to our Mobblers. I'm specifically looking forward to enhancing the accessibility of the web application and adding multi-language support.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work? When I'm not working, I'm wrangling my two young children, working in the yard or camping with my mates.

What’s next? 🚀

We’re working hard on making improvements to the inventory management in Mobble - we want to make the inventory quicker, easier and more useful to use. We’re looking at ways we can save Mobblers time inputting data, and tracking product usage over time. Super excited for this one - if you have any ideas or feedback for improving the inventory send it through to

🚜 We’re excited to catch up with Mobblers at some of our favourite Agricultural Field Days this year - coming up we have Central District Field Days in NZ and BEEF24 in Rockhampton. Here’s our round up of events across Australia and NZ to keep your eye on. 

Onwards and upwards,


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