January 31, 2024

Mobble News - spotlight on Mobbler stories and community connection

In our first Mobble News for 2024, we share the Koop family’s Mobble story, all about how they use Mobble to stay on top of day-to-day record keeping. From our team's recent Quarterly Catch-Up to the buzzing excitement of the upcoming 2024 Field Day season, there's heaps to read about below! Plus, discover an exciting job opportunity to become part of our awesome team. Read on!

From red books to real-time efficiency: How Mobble transformed the Koop farm 🤳

Tired of the old red book system, Daniel and Josh Koop, along with their partners Michaela and Kirsty switched to Mobble for real-time record-keeping on their phones. With Mobble, they've streamlined tasks and love being able to make informed decisions on the go. 

Gone are the days of scribbling notes in the shearing shed - Mobble now lets them remember crucial details easily across the team! Read more about why the Koops love Mobble here

Mobble appthe Koops brothers
The Koop brothers

Our Quarterly Catch-Up 👋

We just wrapped up our 12th Mobble Bonanza! Lots to celebrate this quarter - new staff, a great 2023 and also my birthday! This time, we flew in our incredible team from across state lines, making the most of face-to-face time.

Diving deep into the heart of Mobble, we charted our course from vision to action, crafted some big goals, and discussed the promising future on how we can continue to make farmers lives easier and more successful.

We’re pumped for 2024!

Mobble app team catching up irl
Celebrating at Mobble Bonanza 12.0!

2024 Field Day Season 🐑

The 2024 field day season is upon us - and the calendar is filling up with greatopportunities to catch up with our Mobblers, new and old! First up in the calendar for us is Central District Field Days in mid-March over in Fielding, NZ! Followed by Rockhampton’s Beef Australia in May. 

Check out our line-up of 2024 Ag field days in Australia and NZ here.

Mobble Job Opportunity 👩‍🌾

Join our team! We're on the lookout for a talented Digital Marketing Specialist to fuel our growth at Mobble. If you, or someone you know, is passionate about all things Ag, driving online presence, creating content and love all things social media, we want to hear from you!

Explore the details and apply here.

What’s next? 🚀

Mobble’s web-app on the computer is currently undergoing a revamp. I’m personally very excited about this, it will bring the web-app to be the same (or better) usability as the mobile app - along with all the extra reporting the web-app is known for.

We’re also working on inventory improvements, ways we can make it easier to manage inventory items, and report on the usage of products over time. It’s going to make inventory management so much easier, and way more useful - something that Mobblers have been keen on for while now. Send through your feedback to hello@mobble.io

Onwards & upwards,


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