March 24, 2022

Mobble News - a faster app

2022 isn’t slowing down - and neither are we at Mobble. From seeing new and familiar faces at the South East Field Days, app-speed improvements and results from our 2021 Mobbler Survey, we’re stoked with how things are chugging along and can’t wait to share a few more exciting updates soon - stay tuned! In the meantime, read on to learn about what we got up to this month. 

What 50 farmers had to say about farming and Mobble 

Towards the tail end of 2021, we conducted our first ever Mobbler Survey. The survey was sent to our farmers to help us learn more about their farm stories and ideas for how to make their lives easier and more successful with Mobble. 

From worthwhile investments to why farmers love the land and how Mobble is making a difference, our Mobblers weigh in on questions about their operation and outlook for the land. 

50 Mobblers. 7 Questions. Read on to find out what we discovered here. 

Lightning fast app speed improvements ⚡️

Did anyone notice the Mobble app get faster? We recently made some major updates under the hood this month to improve Mobble’s speed, stability and set us up for future development that benefits Mobblers. The app should open a bit faster on your phone and work at a much quicker pace too. Jump into the app, have a play around and let us know if you notice the difference or (as always), have any feedback.

Field days are back for 2022

We’re excited to be hitting the road to attend more field days this year. First up in 2022 was the South East Field Days in Lucindale last week. Alongside our legendary Head of Customer Experience, Mel, we had a chat to long-term, new and potential Mobblers - getting heaps of positive feedback and questions. It was awesome to get out and about, chat to Mobblers and connect face to face. At this stage, our next field day will be the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show - looking forward to it!

Our Head of Customer Experience, Mel at the South East Field Days in Lucindale.

What’s next?

Got a few major things in the pipeline that should all start happening pretty quickly now that our app speed improvements are out. Including an exciting integration, in app measuring tools, better web-app functionality and design, map improvements and more. Please let us know what you think we should be working on, every piece of feedback helps - you can get in touch with us at

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

p.s. If you’re already a Mobbler, I highly recommend for you to join the Mobble community on Facebook, a group of awesome farmers who want to help each other succeed! Click here to Get the most out of Mobble with the Mobble team!

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