June 9, 2021

Mobble News - Getting everyone on the same page

With Jock Lawrence

No matter how big or small our farming teams (or farming families) are, it’s important to have everyone on the same page. That’s why we've changed the way we charge at Mobble to make it easier to get the whole farming team involved. Mobble news:

  • New pricing model, get more people on Mobble for less 🎉
  • Some warming feedback from some amazing farmers 🐮
  • Offline management tools and improvements 📶
  • Mobble farm maps preview 😲

Get the farming team on Mobble for less

Mobble helps farmers and their employees (or family members) communicate important farm information to help keep everyone on the same page. But this only happens when the whole farming team has access to Mobble, and that’s why we've changed our pricing model to make that easier. The benefits of our new pricing model are:

  • Get Mobble cheaper with more users.
  • Allow for variability in your farming team size (if the farming team increases from 3-5, it doesn't cost you any more money).

Hopefully, this will encourage farmers to have more of their partners, employees or family involved in the farming business through Mobble. Contact me at jock@mobble.io for more info.

Mobble's new pricing model makes it easier to get everyone on-farm involved.

Mobbler feedback on new grazing features

With the release of our improved grazing management features last month (more on that here) - we’ve had some warming feedback from some amazing farmers. Here’s just a few:

Charlie Heal - “With [Mobble’s] days grazed and rested feature, I can make grazing decisions there and then.”
Charlie and Sandy heal on their farm
Charlie and Sandy Heal on their property Wirrate (photo cred: AgWe).
Kylie - “Thanks for always updating Mobble and improving it. Excited to get using it more efficiently for grazing management - no more paper! Yay”
Susie Bates - “You've got to have Mobble if you’re going to start looking at how long you're grazing and resting paddocks.”

Improving confidence in offline farm management

No service, no worries, Mobble works offline in the paddock when you do. Mobble was not always the best offline, but now it is and has has a built-in 'Offline Request' system that allows Mobbler’s to make records offline and sync those records when back online. Mobble also makes sure you have all the most relevant information when out in the paddock with no reception with our new 'Offline Management' feature. More on Mobble’s improved offline functionality here.

What’s next?... Mobble maps

For the last month, we’ve been putting a lot of time into the new Mobble farm maps feature, and below is a quick preview. We’re starting nice and straightforward and will take on farmer feedback as we go along 👍

farm maps on mobble app
We're currently testing farm maps to be released to farmers soon - built off farmer feedback.

Have a great June everyone, all the best for winter lambing and calving.

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. We’re looking for amazing Mobbler’s and farming businesses to do case studies on; if you’re interested and want to help us out, send me an email at jock@mobble.io

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