February 27, 2023

Mobble News - an exciting mobile app update!

Always great to see the hard work of our developers land in the phones of our Mobblers! It’s been a very exciting few weeks with the release of our mobile app update - complete with an array of new and exciting features. Read on to learn more about the update + our Open Gates feature release + Mangoplah Mobbler case study + our trip to South Australia!

A new look for our mobile app! 🎉

Mobble has undergone a re-build! But don’t worry, it’s the same app you love - just better! Think of it like your same old trusty car, with brand spankin’ new accessories and a paint job (plus a few new bells and whistles).

  • What did we do? We re-built the front-end of the mobile app
  • ‍Why did we do it? To make Mobble long-lasting, easy to develop on and unlock the potential of future improvements. 

Heaps of new and exciting stuff to navigate your way through in the app. Read on to get an idea of new features and improvements. We hope you love it! 

Open Gates is finally here! 🤠

We know a lot of Mobblers will be pleased to see this one come through! We now have the ability to open gates in Mobble and let livestock flow between paddocks. This has been our most highly requested feature since day dot, so we’re very happy to finally deliver ‘Open Gates’ so we can help farmers record more accurate data. Here's the help doc.

Ginny Stevens: how Mobble has helped with her transition back to the farm 💪

Mangoplah NSW Mobbler, Ginny Stevens recruited the help of Mobble a few months ago to help with her transition back to the farm! Here’s a bit of what she had to say: "For me starting out on the farm, it’s been a really good tool to teach me where all the paddocks and sheep are and it’s probably saved a lot of arguments!”

Read more about how Mobble has helped with Ginny's transition back to the farm here.

Farm visits and Evoke Ag 🚗

We hit the road last week to head to EvokeAg in Adelaide - stopping in at a few farms along the way. Standing at 6”7 in a bright green Mobble shirt - I stuck out like a sore thumb at EvokeAg’s agrifood tech event! But makes it very easy for people to come and find you for a chat. It was a good opportunity to start forming relationships and springboard collaborations with great companies in the Ag space to add further value to Mobblers in the future. Always great to run into Mobblers in the wild too!

What’s next?

As we iron out a few bumps in the new app update, we’ve already started to plan ahead for new and exciting things. We’re doing a couple of bits and pieces in tandem over the next few months, (1) making the web-app on the computer much easier to use and more aligned with the mobile app, (2) creating new user roles to help get more of the farming team involved with Mobble.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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