November 2, 2023

Mobble News - celebrating 5 great years!

We’re gearing up for an exciting month! Our NZ Customer Success Mobbler, Sarah, and I are hitting the roads to meet our Kiwi Mobblers in person across Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Central Otago, and Canterbury. Plus, as Mobble turns 5, we're celebrating with a 50% discount on first year subscriptions and upgrades. In development land, we've also improved access to the app in dodgy or no reception. Read on for more details!

We’re off to NZ!

One for the kiwi Mobblers 🥝 Good news! Our amazing NZ Customer Success Mobbler, Sarah and I are hitting the roads in NZ!

Save the dates:

  • Hawkes Bay: Tuesday, 14th November
  • Manawatu: Wednesday, 15th November
  • Central Otago: Thursday, 16th November
  • Canterbury: Friday, 17th November

Keen for a farm visit? Reach out to us at or ring us up at +6420 4120 8383.👋 We’ll also be offering demos to Mobble newbies. 

Celebrating 5 years of Mobble with a BIG discount!

Mobble is turning 5 this November! 🥳It’s been a massive few years and we're stoked with the giant leaps we've taken to make Mobble even better for farmers.

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we're offering 50% off first year subscriptions. 

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 🎁 Discount: 50% off the first year of annual subscriptions 
  • 🚀 Upgrade Friendly: Existing Mobblers can get 50% off upgrades (good time to add extra users!)
  • 🗓️ Sale Dates: November 1st - 30th 
  • 🎂 Birthday Celebration: All month long!

If you or someone you know might be interested - all you have to do is shoot us an email at and let us know which subscription works for you. See pricing here.

Cheers to 5 years of growth, community, and supporting our Mobblers!

How to add your accountant to Mobble

Keen to learn about how to add your accountant to Mobble so they can access key information like livestock reconciliation reports? Read on!

  • Head to the Mobble Connect page on the web-app (or Settings in the mobile app)
  • Select Invite Accountant
  • Enter their email address
  • Select additional properties to invite the Accountant to if required
  • Select Submit

Your Accountant will receive an email invitation with a link to set up a Mobble username and password. Once they log in they will have view only access to financial data including sales, purchases, livestock reconciliation numbers, natural increases and casualties.

Get immediate access to Mobble while offline in the paddock

In our mission to make offline on Mobble better, we've just released an update that allows you to skip the 'downloading update' process if it's taking too long. No one wants to be stuck watching that loading circle when there's important work to be done! We're eager to hear your thoughts, so feel free to share them with us at

What’s Next?

Your stories and experiences with Mobble are the heart of our community. We're planning to spotlight these in the upcoming months - the successes, the challenges, and the innovative applications of our platform. If you've got a Mobble story, we'd love to hear it - get in touch at!

Remember, whether it's a question, feedback, or just a chat about farming, we're always here. Drop us an email, give us a ring, or book in a demo.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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