July 8, 2019

Mobble News - Development

Firstly, thanks to our early adopters for providing the awesome feedback that makes this development possible. Secondly, big wheels are starting to turn for the Mobble product.

We will soon see an app store release! Making sure Mobble can go from its early adopter stage to the world stage with ease. The App Store release will contain HUGE performance improvements and an array of new features:

  • Activity filter
  • Property chat / notes
  • Rain gauge
  • Notifications
  • New paddock view + more

We are also designing future features, such as feeding and commodity inventory, a way to open gates between paddocks and smarter ways to track livestock numbers and stocking rates over time. All while continuing Mobble's simplicity and ease-of-use.

Recent News

  • Mobble to be used in New Zealand after a successful trip - more to come
  • Last month, the Mobble story got featured in the Stock & Land and the Country News magazine
  • Mobble gets its first piggeries on-board (a surprising fit)
  • We will be at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo on the 19th till 21st of July, see you there :)
Mobble to be used in New Zealand (captured by Jock on his trip across the ditch)

AgTech news

  • Someone that has been a wealth of knowledge on our start-up journey is Dwain Duxson. Dwain is the founder of Farm Tender, without being biased, it is the best place to buy and sell farm stuff on the internet. If you're a farmer, you must check it out.
  • We have also just published on article on how to best navigate the AgTech noise for famers. Read more here.

What now?

For non-users, if you want to make record keeping simple, do yourself a favor and get a (no obligation) free trial of Mobble. This way you can see if Mobble works for you.

If you're already an early adopter, thanks again for backing us in early. You are the people that shape the future of this product.

Signing off,

Jock (Co-Founder & CEO)

p.s. As always, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch via email at j@mobble.io or give me a call on +61448277319.

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