August 17, 2021

Mobble News - From record keeping to decision making

With Jock Lawrence

We at Mobble are all about making farmers lives easier and more successful. And as we continue to grow, we can  look beyond what Mobble has achieved as a streamlined farm records app and turn our attention to supplying the tools that farmers need to become more profitable and sustainable. Mobble news:

  • Release of historic reports of farm performance and livestock numbers 📈
  • Mobble’s web-app on the computer finds its legs 💻
  • Customising Mobble for your farm just got easier 🤠
  • Internal product improvements for big things to come 🚀

Historic reporting for livestock

Monthly and yearly reports of farm performance are here. In addition, you can now get better sales summaries and livestock reconciliation within Mobble (keeping those accountants happy), allowing Mobblers to look back in time and make better decisions for the future.

We’ll keep improving these reports with Mobbler feedback, so let us know what we could do differently to make these reports more powerful for your farm 👍

Mobble’s web-app finds its legs

Mobble has always been a mobile-first application - but wow, are we starting to find out how powerful Mobble can be on the computer. Along with historic reports, we’ve added in more functionality and will continue to use the Mobble web-app as a place to show decision making insights on a property.

Improved web-app functionality for Mobble's livestock farm management software

What’s next?

With most agricultural field days on hold, it’s freed up a bit of time for us at Mobble to tidy some things up. So if there’s anything in the app that you think could do with a touch-up, I'll be taking on feedback directly at

We’ll also be working behind the scenes on internal product improvements that will allow us to do some big things in time to come, such as better records on purchases, births and stocking rates 🙌

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. If you're a Mobbler and haven't yet joined our Mobble farmer group on facebook, you should here. It's a place where you can have a direct impact on what we build next 🔨, because Mobble will always be built off farmer feedback.

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