February 15, 2022

Mobble News - small team, big plans

With Jock Lawrence

The Mobble team minus a few!

What a wet and muggy start to the year it has been, with lots of Mobblers battling different problems from previous summers. Flies, floods, and hopefully plenty of full dams and green grass to go with it. At Mobble, the year has started at a blistering pace as we continue to on-board new farmers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our quarterly product roadmap at Mobble

Every quarter we sit down as a team and work out what we should be working on that will benefit our Mobblers most. These plans are heavily weighted by farmer feedback, and what work we believe will add the most value now and into the future.

This quarter, we’ve taken the foot off the accelerator for new features, so we can put some time into making the current product as good as it can be. But don’t worry, there’s some easter eggs in the plans too:

  1. Making Mobble faster and more stable - Speed and stability are a big part of a simple app that gives you quick access to farm records. We’ll be working on making the app lightning-fast and stable at all times. ⚡
  2. Setting the foundations for integrations - Down the track, we want to make Mobble data even more valuable by connecting it to other digital tools you already use. So we’re putting in the foundations today to help us do that tomorrow. 🔨
  3. Computer web-app improvements - The web-app should be a place to input all essential information and quickly analyse farm data to help make better decisions. We’ll be putting some time into making sure the web-app does just that. 📈
  4. Chemical and inventory improvements - Mobblers have been asking for chemical inventory improvements for a while now. We’re excited to announce we’ll start work on this soon. 📦
  5. Paddock performance with stocking rates - Early next quarter, we’ll be kicking off work to analyse paddock performance with stocking rates.🐑

Matakanui Station's Andrew Paterson shares his fresh perspective on farm life in NZ and what Mobble brings to the table.

Coming up to one year on Mobble, Andrew Paterson spoke with us about his farming experience, what he loves about being a farmer and life on Matakanui station. In amongst the challenging Central Otago climate, Andrew and Tracy run a well established Hereford cattle herd and their own sheep stud with a number of breeding programs. 

With 206 paddocks currently in Mobble, Andrew highlighted the benefits of Mobble’s ease of use, quick access to livestock totals and on-farm communications improvements. 

"We’ve been looking for a program to manage stock and stock numbers, a user-friendly one that everyone can access. We wanted something simple enough that you can put the information in and people would just do it.”

Read more about Matakanui's operation and Andrew's story here.

Data-driven decisions with Tassie livestock farmer Rob Tole

Fourth generation Tassie livestock farmer, Rob Tole, chats with us about his approach to farming, big picture stuff and all things Mobble on his operation. 

With an operation that covers sheep breeding and trading, grass and chicory seed production, irrigated cropping and a surface drainage business on the side - Rob keeps himself busy. 

A strong team is key to the success of Rob’s operation, and that strength is built on good people and good communication using Mobble. 

“It's easy to use and all levels of people can use it. And it’s got to be that way, it can’t only be for the manager to use. It’s the communication between staff and myself via Mobble that makes the difference.”

Learn about Rob's story and farming practices here

What’s next?

We’ll start chipping away at our quarterly goals and improving the Mobble product for our farmers in the best way we can. If you have any feedback, send it through to hello@mobble.io.

We’re also hiring for a new Farm Success Manager. This is an amazing role that’s perfect for professionals who live on the farm and are looking to use their amazing skill sets remotely. Check it out here.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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