July 17, 2018

Mobble, the practical Farm & Livestock Management Software

Mobble simplifies the farm recording system into a single piece of software, synced across multiple devices, for multiple users, over multiple operations. Mobble is not made to change the way people farm, but to assist the way people farm, supplying the tools to increase productivity and save time.

Key Features:

  • Flexible mob tracking
  • Mixed Farm record keeping
  • Task Management
  • Historical records & summary reports
  • Ready for audit

Click here for the latest update of the Mobble founding story

The idea behind Mobble:

A few years ago, Dad and I were attempting to put all the farm records online, using Farm & Livestock management software. There were a few products to choose from, but we found that nothing was flexible enough to fit the build of Dad’s farm without changing the way we run the whole operation. A couple of years went by and it became clear that other farmers were facing similar problems without an easy fix. Basically, the right tool for the jobhadn’t been built yet. At that time, I found myself in a position with the right group of people and resources to build a flexible Farm & Livestock Management application. So that’s what I’m in the process of doing now; creating software to assist with seamless farm management across the whole operation.

We expect to have a product on trial by mid-August 2018 -we are very excited about this product, it’s development and it’s potential. The three things that we strive for this product to represent is, simplicity, practicality andflexibility. To find out more, or join the wait-list, please head to mobble.io

Mobble is the start and driving Agriculture into the data world is the future


The reason that this project has been possible, is due to a core group of people that I am lucky enough to find myself around. My good friend and software developer Jack Hurley, who has been pivotal in the design and software decisions, marketing guru Gill Deed and my Dad for instilling the idea in my head, David Lawrence.

Thanks for reading, and please support our project by sharing this information and visiting our website mobble.io to join the wait-list for our pre-released product.

Max Lawrence, brother, (featured) has also been a big influence and ambassador

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