August 29, 2019

Why we created the Mobble farmer community

The Mobble farmer community is a huge success.

The idea behind the closed Facebook group of Mobblers (Mobble users), was to create an environment where farmers could help each other succeed, and we at Mobble could get interactive feedback on the product.

>> Already a Mobbler? join the community here

How did we know it would work?

Well, we didn’t. It was an experiment that went so well that we doubled down on it.

What we did know is that rural communities have a certain quality — There is an undeniable strength and resilience in rural communities, which I believe is built on genuine support. We wanted to represent these values in the Mobble farmer Facebook groug.

Drawing from the genuine support aspect of rural communities and encouraging conversation, we created a place where farmers can openly help farmers. Not only does this community support farmers who use Mobble, but it also helps shape the future of the product. We at Mobble get a unique look into how people are using the software and where we should go next. The Mobble November 2019 news edition gives a great example of exactly that.

Mobble is built on farmer feedback

It’s that simple. The more times an issue is raised or a feature recommended, the higher chance we will build it.

What now?

If you’re already a Mobbler, I highly recommend for you to join the Mobble community on Facebook, a group of awesome farmers who want to help each other succeed! Click here to Get the most out of Mobble with Jock Lawrence!

It’s a laid back environment for our farmers to ask questions and share knowledge 👍

Have fun!

Signing off,

Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO)

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