December 3, 2019

Mobble News - November

November has seen a wave of new farmers join Mobble, two new employees, and a massive push in our new app development.

We have also reviewed some interesting feedback from our Mobble Farmer Community on Facebook, but firstly, what’s new with Mobble?

Mobble News

  • Our Mobblers voted on the priority of features in our product roadmap.
  • We are well on the way to raising $300k while keeping Mobble farmer owned.
  • Our team has grown with the likes of Jamima Jamieson, our new communications intern, and Fergus McAlpin, our lead back-end developer.
  • We also have an opening for an experienced back-end developer to join our team - details here.
  • We are still pushing (harder than ever) for a Mobble app-store and web-app release in the new year.

What Mobblers Want

Over the past 12 months, we have documented 400+ individual pieces of farmer feedback - this has given us a solid understanding of the features Mobblers want! From this knowledge, we developed the Mobble product roadmap.

With this newly defined product roadmap and an app-store release getting closer than ever, it was time for us to prioritise the roadmap features. So we organised a vote via our Facebook Mobble Farmer Community where 103 votes were cast. These were the results;

Distribution of votes for each feature in the Mobble roadmap

The top three features were; 

  1. A Rain Gauge (with multiple gauges per property)
  2. Days since last grazed timer
  3. And an Open Gates feature

As the new app roles out, we will start developing the new features in order of the most votes. This will be done while keeping usability and simplicity the highest most priority in the Mobble app.

Note: if you use Mobble and want to have a say in the future of the product, I highly recommend you join the Mobble farmer Facebook community.

What's next?

It's all guns blazing for us through the Christmas period as we work on getting Mobble on the app-stores and officially release our web-app early in the new year.

From all of us at Mobble, we wish you a safe and fun holiday season - and if you're in the middle of harvest, we hope your crops yield well!

Signing off,

Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder and CEO)

p.s. My brothers and I have decided to grow a bit of fluff on our upper lips to raise money for Movember and awareness for mental health in Ag and we would love your support.

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