August 24, 2022

Who do you get when you contact Mobble?

Ever wondered who’s on the other end of the line when you contact Mobble? 

With more and more Mobblers jumping on board every day, we always want to make sure there is always someone on the other end of the line when you need us. To make sure you don’t go straight to our voicemail - we’ve introduced a new centralised phone number and email! Meaning one number and email could put you in touch with 1 of 5 people from our growing Customer Success Team; Jock, Mel, Gill, Carly or Sarah. 


Most of you probably already know Jock as our Chief Mobbler! Always keen to hear feedback and will no doubt ask you how much rain you’ve had lately. Growing up on his family farms sheep and cattle operation in Avenel VIC, Jock is super passionate about the industry and creating a product that makes farmers’ lives easier.

Learn more about Jock here. 

Jock from farm app Mobble


Our amazing Head of Customer experience. Creswick local, resident goat expert and small producer specialist. Mel has an Ag degree under her belt, years of experience working on farms and looks after a small but growing herd of Anglo-Nubian dairy goats at home. Mel is about to welcome her first baby in October, so will be jumping on mat leave soon and returning next year. 

Read more about Mel here. 

Mel from farm app Mobble


Our eyes and ears in NZ, Sarah from Hawkes Bay joined Mobble last year and will be returning from maternity leave next month, following the arrival of her gorgeous son, Mac! Growing up on a sheep and beef farm, Sarah has tons of knowledge when it comes to livestock and the NZ landscape.

Learn more about Sarah here. 

Sarah from farm app Mobble New Zealand


Head of everything communications, Gill has now jumped on the phones. Hailing from Bright in North East Vic, Gill started at Mobble about a year ago, but has been around since the company’s inception. Partner of Founder, Jock - Gill helped spread the word about Mobble with media and comms in the early days. She’s now loving the chance to talk to more and more farmers on the daily. 

Gill from farm app Mobble


The newest member of the team, Carly became a Mobbler back in July and has taken to it like a duck to water! Almost a mum of three, Mangoplah NSW local, Carly works the phones on Thursdays and Fridays on top of an irrigation business she owns with her husband.

Learn more about Carly here. 

Carly from farm app Mobble

What do we all have in common?

All of us are connected to agriculture and share a passion for helping make farmers’ lives easier and more successful. 

You can catch us during business hours on +61481614546 or There’s never a silly question in our books so please reach out with whatever is on your mind. 

Feel free to save our number in your phone as Mobble to save you searching for the number on our website :) 

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