April 25, 2019

Mobble News - SproutX

It's been a busy month of sign ups, press releases and the acceptance of an offer into the SproutX 2019 accelerator program.

We are looking forward to working alongside the SproutX team, it's an exciting time to keep improving the tools and services for our farmers!

Recent News

What is SproutX and what does it mean for Mobble?

A startup accelerator is a program that gives developing companies, such as Mobble, the ability to secure funding, mentorship, industry contacts, and most importantly helping us acquire early customers. 'Accelerating' us into the future.

"The SproutX Accelerator is Australia’s first agtech focused program for early stage startups."

For Mobble, it is a perfectly timed opportunity.

Giving us the flexibility and funding to invest further into the product, improve our services for farmers, while developing the tools to ignite growth.

A very exciting chapter, starting with me (Jock Lawrence) presenting Mobble at the SproutX launch night on the 2nd of May. Feel free to come down and show your support :)

Jock Lawrence will be presenting Mobble at the SproutX launch night 2019

Mobble Insight

Back to Mobble, here are three highlights from our most recent update. From left to right, (1) new and more fluid app navigation for a better user experience, (2) sales records with filtering allowing quick access to average prices and (3) detailed livestock and DSE totals.

From left to right, (1) new app navigation, (2) av. price per head, (3) livestock and DSE totals

What now?

  • We are looking into ways to increase app performance and speed.
  • Updates such as notifications and a rain gauge will be in effect soon.
  • Currently acting on user feedback for the Mobble web-app (desktop version) to get it ready for a formal release.

For non-users, if you want to increase on-farm productivity, do yourself a favor and get a (no obligation) free trial of Mobble. This way you can see if Mobble works for you and help shape the future of farm management.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or feedback, as always, please get in touch via email at j@mobble.io or give me a call on +61448277319.

Signing off,


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