November 12, 2021

Mobble News - Game changing features for livestock traders and breeders

With Jock Lawrence

What a ripper month at Mobble - with new features for livestock traders and breeders, our quarterly company update, team growth in NZ welcoming Sarah Bird, a great piece on Mobble and McCulloch Pastoral in The Land newspaper, and a milestone of Mobble now helping 1,000 farmers across Australia and New Zealand manage over 3.6 million stock units 📈

Livestock Purchases and Natural Increase features released, set to benefit traders and breeders 🎉

We're stoked to announce you can now record livestock Purchases for traders, and Natural Increases (births) for breeders in Mobble. This feature has been a long time coming with many Mobblers letting us know that recording purchases and births in Mobble would make a big difference for their operations. 

Farmers can now differentiate between purchases and births when recording their data - with easy access to purchase records and birth summaries available at your fingertips. Get stuck into this help article to find out how it works.

Quarterly Company Update 📢

If you’re keen to hear about how we’re evolving as a company, these updates summarise our current highlights, lowlights, learnings and where we need help.

We’re happy to say that we saw the company grow 34% last QTR. There are several reasons why our growth was so strong, but a significant factor was our recent release of Mobble Maps, which received fantastic feedback from our Mobblers. As a result, we’re seeing a 99% monthly retention rate - a trend that gives us confidence farmers see real value in Mobble and are here to stay. More on the company update here.

Meet Sarah, our NZ Farmer Success Mobbler 🥝

Introducing Sarah Bird, our new Farmer Success Mobbler over in New Zealand. Based in sunny Hawkes Bay, Sarah has jumped on board as part of Mobble’s mission to improve Mobble for New Zealand farmers.

A lover of all things Agriculture, Sarah worked on a sheep and cattle farm growing up, managed a family block a few years back and worked at an agricultural machinery company up until recently. 

We’re super excited to bring Sarah on board and what this means for NZ farmers. Get to know NZ Farmer Success Mobbler, Sarah Bird here or get in contact with her at

Mobble keeping everyone on the same page at McCulloch Pastoral 🐏

Deniliquin farmers, the McCulloch family, started using Mobble back in February 2019 and haven’t looked back. They were looking for an easy way to keep track of operations for their McCullock Pastoral enterprise and Rhys McCulloch recently told The Land Newspaper that it worked out even better than they expected. 

"Mobble gives us all the information for every part of our operation all in the one spot."

"By giving access to real-time information on who is doing what on the farm, Mobble has helped keep everyone working on the same page.” Read more about what Rhys had to say here.

What’s next?

We are starting to look into ways we can collaborate and integrate with the broader agtech ecosystem. Very early days, but we’re excited to see what value we can create for farmers in this area!

We're also starting to roll out our official New Zealand release, delivering a more localised experience and product for New Zealand farmers with Mobble.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. We’re currently looking for a React Native and a Golang Developer to join our team. Please help spread the word 🙏

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