December 29, 2023

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth and Connection at Mobble

It’s been a big year of making good stuff happen here at Mobble. 2023 has been marked by growth, connection and big improvements. We came good on promises for some very highly requested features (looking at you Open Gates) and dropped some new features that have been absolute winners with Mobblers. As always, farmer feedback has been a massive priority for us this year, and it feels really good to deliver features that make a difference to Mobblers. 

Another big win and something I’m really proud of? Our customer support. We’ve had a lot of Mobblers comment on how good their experiences have been on the phone with us - and we’re just stoked to hear it. Here’s to another year of making an app that farmers love.

Join us as we recap some of the highlights and look forward to an even more promising 2024!

Mobble 2023 highlights

Mobbler Activity

Almost 2,500 Mobblers were busy making it happen this year. It’s amazing to see so many farmers getting value from Mobble and reaping the benefits in their day-to-day operations. We’re excited to continue helping more farmers make life that little bit easier as we head into 2024.

Mobbler Activity 2023

2023 Product Advancements

Here’s a round up of our top product improvements for 2023:

Our amazing team

The leaps and bounds we’ve made at Mobble this year wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team behind the scenes. We are now a small but mighty team of 11! Welcoming some new faces this year to strengthen our ability to support Mobblers and improve the product into 2024.

It feels incredible to work with people who genuinely want to help support farmers, and I'm personally excited about what 2024 holds for us. Learn more about our team here.

Mobble's 2023 team

2023 Mobbler Stories

We were lucky enough to chat with a number of Mobblers about their farming story and what they love about Mobble this year. Here’s a round-up of 2023 Mobbler stories!

Keen to share your story? Let us know at 

Field Days and Road trips

We hit the road in a big way this year! From Westech Field Days in Barcaldine to Hamilton Sheepvention and over to NZ for our big producer tour - we clocked up some kms in the Mobble Mobile visiting Mobblers across Australia and New Zealand. Here’s what our year on the road looked like:

EvokeAg in Adelaide ➡️ Albury  ➡️ Jugiong  ➡️ Young  ➡️Griffith - Riverina Field Days  ➡️Toowoomba FarmFest ➡️Hamilton Sheepvention  ➡️Harden - South West Slopes Stud Merino Field Day  ➡️Barcaldine - Westech Field Days  ➡️Henty Machinery Field Days  ➡️Hawkes Bay, NZ  ➡️Manawatu, NZ  ➡️Central Otago, NZ  ➡️Cebterbury, NZ

What’s next for 2024?

2024 you will see us double down on the Mobble product, making it even better for our Mobblers. Starting with the web-app update to improve Mobble on the computer, plus more integrations, and highly requested feature improvements such as image uploads and a live inventory. Really excited to bring Mobblers all this great stuff we've been working on.

On top of helping Mobblers closer to home - we also want to explore opportunities in new markets around the world and in more industries. This is a really exciting challenge for us and we can’t wait to see how Mobble lands for different farmers! We want to see more cattle stations in northern Australia using Mobble, and sheep and beef operations in South America - excited to bring Mobble to a larger number of farmers so we can have a bigger impact.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

Thank you Mobblers

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