Getting started

  1. Creating a property
  2. Adding a paddock
  3. Adding a mob
  4. Navigating the phone app
  5. More

1. Creating a property

Firstly, you must create an account.

You will then be prompted to download the Mobble app. Once signed up within the app (using your Mobble account email) you will be able to create your first property.

If you are not the owner of an account, you can still sign up, but will have to wait until you are invited into a property from an account owner. The owner can invite new users through Property Settings > Users.

If you have a business plan, you can create multiple properties.

2. Adding a paddock

After creating a property you will see that there's a default paddock called 'Yard' - the Yard is used for bulk processing of livestock, but works the same as any other paddock.

To add your first paddock, head to the green circle in the bottom right corner and select Add paddock. Enter the paddocks Name, Type (you can also add custom types) and Size.

3. Adding a mob

After creating your first paddock you can now add your first mob, there are two locations where you can add a mob, (1) from the property page and (2) within a paddock under the Mobs tab.

From location (1) or (2) head to the circle in the bottom right corner and select Add mob. Enter the Mobs details. Note: you can have multiple ages and classes, you can also add custom classes for full flexibility.

You can also add multiple Mobs in the same paddock, eg. Merino Ewes as the 1st mob and Merino Lambs as the 2nd mob.

4. Navigating the phone app

The software consists of a single main part, the property page. From here you can view all paddocks and mobs, and complete the majority of the data entry. You can also view the activity log through the bell icon in the top right corner of the page.

The three prongs in the top left corner open more navigation options, such as:

  • Property Selection,
  • Task management,
  • Summaries,
  • Chemical Shed,
  • Rain gauge,
  • Property Settings, etc.

Another valuable navigation tool is the property filter.

5. More

How to add a new user to your property

Mob movements, all you need to know

Livestock totals and summaries using smart filtering

Bulk Mob and Paddock actions

Bulk processing of livestock

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