Getting started with Mobble

Welcome to Mobble! First thing’s first: if you’ve landed here without signing up for a free Mobble trial, go ahead and create an account. This article will take you through everything you need to know to start using Mobble on your farm. We recommend completing each step as you go to save time setting up later.

Accessing Mobble

Mobble is primarily a mobile app, available on both Android and Apple devices. The mobile app is where you'll enter your day to day farm records. You'll also have access to the Mobble web-app from your PC to set up your property, view your records and export data.

If you haven’t already, download the Mobble app to your phone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and log in using the credentials you created during trial sign up.

Open the Mobble web-app here. Keep it open in another tab while we work through getting set up. Log in using the same credentials.

Now is also a great time to join the Mobble Farm Community Facebook group where you can meet other Mobblers, ask questions, provide feedback, and be the first to know what's currently in development.

Create Properties

Once you’re signed in, you should see the property you created during sign-up. If you need to add more properties you can do this either on the mobile app or web app: 

  1. go to the menu on the left (icon with the three lines in the mobile app)
  2. select the dropdown arrow next to your property name
  3. add new property

Invite Users

Mobble works best as a tool for the whole farming team to share information and organise tasks. If you’re working with other people on the farm, invite them to the trial via the mobile app: 

  1. go to the menu
  2. property settings (here in web-app)
  3. users
  4. enter their email address in the Invite User field
  5. They’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get started

Farm Setup

Mobs and paddocks can be added via the mobile app, but setting up for the first time is quickest via the web-app. There are a couple of places to do this: you can add your paddocks via the Map page (note that after the trial, you'll need a Business or Enterprise subscription to retain maps access). To add your paddocks and map them at the same time:

  1. select Map from the menu on the left
  2. select the plus button in the bottom right, then Add Paddock 
  3. follow the on-screen instructions to draw your paddock
  4. enter the paddock details (name, type)
  5. add Paddock

Alternatively if you’ve got an existing map file of your property, send it through to and we can upload it for you. 

You can also add your paddocks by selecting Paddocks from the menu on the left, then  the plus button in the bottom right.

Mobs can be added from the same Plus button on the Map page, or via the Mobs in the menu. Use the Set up/other option when adding mobs at this stage. Add as many classes to a mob as you need to identify them in a way that works for you.

Try adding one of your mobs to the Yard, so we can practice moving mobs later.

Customising Mobble

In property settings you can customise the dropdown most lists in Mobble e.g. add a new paddock type, breed or class. Expand the lists in the web-app and delete items you don’t need using the trash can icons, or add a new entry via the plus button in the bottom right corner - more on how to customise Mobble for your farm here.

From here you can also add or remove users and set user roles. Admins have access to all data, while users will be restricted from sales records and reports. 

Navigating Mobble on Mobile 

Now that you’ve set up your mobs and paddocks, head over to the Mobile app. This is where you’ll enter your day to day farm records.

Mobble opens in Paddocks view where you’ll be able to see useful details like mob locations, current stocking rates per paddock, and number of days grazed and rested. You can choose to operate from the Mobs view or Map view instead by selecting these from the menu on the left.

Moving Mobs

To move a mob: 

  1. select the starting paddock from the paddock list or map 
  2. select Move Mobs. If there are multiple mobs in the paddock you can move them all, or select only the ones you want on the next screen
  3. select the paddock to move to
  4. move mobs

To split a mob: 

  1. select the mob from Mobs view 
  2. select move or split mob 
  3. enter the number to move
  4. show advanced splitting options
  5. adjust ages, classes and genders that will move and remain
  6. split mob

If you added a mob to the Yard earlier, practice moving it to a paddock now. In the future, you can use the Yard for bulk processing of livestock

Casualties and Sales 

Recoding casualties and sales: 

  1. select mob from Mobs view, or by selecting the paddock then View Mobs. 
  2. select Record Casualties or Sell Mob
  3. enter details 
  4. save

 Go ahead and record your most recent livestock sale and casualty now. 


Mobble has a Chemical Inventory and a Feed inventory for storing information about your chemicals and feed on hand. Once entered into your inventory, products can be selected for use in Mob and Paddock Actions. To add products: 

  1. select Inventory from the menu
  2. select Chemical Inventory or Feed Inventory
  3. add a chemical or feed item using the plus button in the bottom right
  4. record details 
  5. add chemical or product

Include the Withholding Period (WHP) and Export Slaughter Interval (ESI, Aus only) so that later you’ll be able to see at a glance which mobs and paddocks are within a withholding period. This information is displayed via a red dot on the paddock and mob cards, or a red outline on the paddock boundary. 

Mob and Paddock Actions 

Mob and Paddock Actions are how you keep track of what’s happened on the farm. Let’s add a mob action to start with- you can practice by entering the last action you took on the farm such as mating, feeding, shearing etc. 

  1. select the relevant mob
  2. select Add Mob Action
  3. select the action type or Add New at the bottom of the list
  4. if relevant, select Add Product and choose from the inventory (or add new)
  5. add extra details in Notes
  6. add action 

If the action applies to more than one mob, you can select Add Bulk Mob Action from the plus button in the bottom right of Mobs view or from within a paddock, then select the mobs you need. 

You can use the same process for Paddock Actions such as sowing, fertilising, spraying etc: select the paddock, select Add Paddock Action, enter details, Add Paddock Action. 

Actions are very flexible and can be used to record all your important information. You can always add a new action type to suit your needs. 

Histories, Filters and Summaries

Once you’ve got some records happening, the Filter icon in the top right of Paddock and Mob views is a handy way to navigate your information. You can select categories to filter by (for example, paddock types or livestock classes). 

To view histories:

  1. select the paddock or mob
  2. select info/history
  3. swipe right to the History tab

There’s a filter icon here too to help narrow down your data. 

For some helpful summaries of actions, sales, livestock numbers or casualties, head to Summaries from the menu. 

All your data is available for analysis and export via the web-app, see this help article for instructions.

Tasks and Reminders

To keep track of upcoming work, head to Tasks and Reminders in the menu. You can assign them to another user, to a specific paddock, and give them a due date. Paddocks with assigned tasks will display a task icon, and you’ll receive a notification on your task due dates. 

Try scheduling a task now for a job that’s on your mind. 

Property Chat

Property chat is the place to communicate with the team and keep track of day to day details. Everyone invited to the property has access and will receive notifications for new messages. See how it works by sending a welcome message to the team. 

Rain Gauges

For recording that all-important rainfall, select Rain Gauges from the menu and add your first gauge using the plus button in the bottom right. You can then add new readings using the same plus button. If you’ve got existing historical rainfall data in a spreadsheet, send it through to us at and we’ll upload it for you. 

Congratulations, you're ready to Mobble!

You’re set up and ready to start using Mobble on your farm. Still got questions? Head over to our FAQ page or get in touch on 0409 704 652 or We’d love to hear from you.

Get in contact with us directly at or call +61409704652 for AU Mobblers or +642041208383 for NZ.

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